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OSM License Change (Attn Aussies!)

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Attention Open Street Map Contibutors!

Open Database License 1.0

As many of you know, most of the data in Ride the City is based on Open Street Map (OSM), the wikimap of the world that allows anyone to freely contribute information to. Well, OSM is going through some changes and is requesting that all members agree to their revised license, Open Database License 1.0 (ODbL).

Sorry for the late warning, but if you've contributed data to OSM and haven't agreed to the new license, your data may be deleted as of April 1, 2012. (This is not an April Fools joke.)

You can agree to the new terms here (you have to log in first) or from your API user settings page at

  • If you "Agree", you can continue editing.
  • If you "Decline", you can no longer edit, and your contributions will eventually be removed from the live database. You may return and "Agree" later if you wish.

This is particularly important for OSM contributors in Australia where the license hasn't been accepted for nearly 20% of the ways (e.g. any lines: roads, boundaries, rivers, etc). Here's a chart showing the percentage of ODbL acceptance by region (below). Notice the highlighted part of Australia.

ODbL acceptance by region

(Or click here to browse all regions: ODbL acceptance by region.)

Pass it on!